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At KW, we have a number of amazing communities to explore!

Made up of industry experts, KW has leveraged its size and leaned into our values to create powerful communities around every important market. With targeted training and exclusive resources, every agent can turn their unique aptitudes and interests into the career of their dreams.

Some of our KW communities include…

  • KW Military
  • KW Luxury
  • KW Sports and Entertainment
  • KW Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • KW Young Professionals
  • KW Land
  • KW Commercial
  • KW New Homes

In this week’s article, we will be highlighting KW Military, KW Luxury, and KW Sports and Entertainment so you can see what those entail.

KW Military

KW Military is a community established to recognize and support active duty and veteran military, as well as their family members. Our mission is to honor your service and sacrifice by providing you with the tools, training, and camaraderie you need to grow a better real estate business and an even better life.

KW agents who are designated as KW Military, receive:

  • Education and training on how to serve military clients around the world
  • Designation inside the KW ecosystem as a KW Military member to build community with other like-minded agents
  • Referral network opportunities inside the KW Military network

KW Luxury

Keller Williams Luxury currently has over 9,000 members and growing. These are agents who have earned the membership status of Keller Williams Luxury based on luxury production requirements.

KW Luxury members receive:

  • Education and training on how to serve luxury clients and deliver a luxury selling experience
  • Designation inside the KW ecosystem as a KW Luxury which they can then use in their branding efforts
  • Luxury property branding materials and listing syndication to luxury real estate websites
  • A network of the top luxury agents in Keller Williams creates referral opportunities

KW Sports and Entertainment

The KW Sports and Entertainment community is for agents who aspire to build a business and create authentic relationships with the upper echelon of real estate clientele. These clients come from a wide range of exclusive industries like professional athletes, musicians, and artists.

KW Sports and Entertainment members receive:

  • Training from Sports and Entertainment experts on how to acquire, refine and expand the unique skill set needed to serve this exclusive clientele.
  • Referral opportunities for the network of KW Sports and Entertainment members

Hopefully, this week’s brief overview opens your eyes to some of the other possibilities and paths within KW. We have many more communities to explore once you join!

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